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ACO Premium ShowerPoint

Premium ShowerPoint Drains

Even a singular point can be given style. ACO Premium brings quality, elegance and design to the traditional point drain.


  • Shallow, deep and tile drain bodies manufactured from either stainless steel or chrome plated ABS plastic with a stainless steel edge frame to match your grate
  • Tile tray has 0.45″ (11.5 mm) recess to accommodate tile and mortar.
  • Variety of locking or non-locking designer style 0.19″ thick, grade 304 stainless steel grates
  • Spring loaded turnkey lock on locking grate options
  • Supplied pipe connection with either threaded coupling attachment for membrane clamp, 2″ no-hub adjustable coupling, or solvent weld connection
ShowerPoint Wave Installed

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Premium ShowerPoint Grate Details

Product ImageDesignLocking or Non-LockingLength
in (mm)
Grate Intake
sq in (sq cm)
Slot Size
in (mm)
Part #
HawaiiLocking5.83 (148)6.2 (40.0)0.28 (7) max width37230
HawaiiNon-locking5.83 (148)6.2 (40.0)0.28 (7) max width37223
MixLocking5.83 (148)6.7 (43.3)0.16 (4) max width37231
MixNon-locking5.83 (148)6.7 (43.3)0.16 (4) max width37222
QuadratoLocking5.83 (148)4.5 (29.1)0.16 (4) max width37233
QuadratoNon-locking5.83 (148)4.5 (29.1)0.16 (4) max width37225
WaveLocking5.83 (148)9.3 (60.0)0.16 (4) max width37234
WaveNon-locking5.83 (148)9.3 (60.0)0.16 (4) max width37221
PixelLocking5.83 (148)5.80 (37.4)0.30 (8) max width37232
TileNon-locking5.83 (148)5.0 (32.3)0.16 (4) max width37229

Premium ShowerPoint Drain Body Details

Shallow Body

ACO ShowerPoint Shallow Body Drawing

Deep Body

ACO ShowerPoint Deep Body Line Drawing

Premium ShowerPoint with Tile Insert Drain Body Details

Premium ShowerPoint Tile Body Drawing

Premium ShowerPoint Documents
ACO has been the Worldwide leader in stainless steel linear trench and point style drains for over 45 years. Our highly trained technical staff are here to assist you. Not only to choose the right drain for your project, but help with installation tips and tricks to ensure your designer shower drain looks great and lasts for many, many years.